Biden to act swiftly to end Yemen war, congressman says

One of the leading voices in Congress against US aid to the Saudi-led war in Yemen has said the new Biden administration will make ending the grueling conflict a top foreign policy priority.

“It means no [American] logistical support, no intelligence support and no military support for the Saudis in the war in Yemen, ”Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), a great progressive in foreign policy, told the Daily Beast in an interview on Monday afternoon. “We will see a partner in President Biden, appointed secretary [Tony] Blinken, and of course National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

After speaking with senior Biden advisers who are expected to join the administration, “I am very encouraged by the moral seriousness with which they are approaching the situation in Yemen, and I am confident that Secretary-designate Blinken will make one of them.” of its main priorities: ending the war, ”said Khanna. “I believe he understands the huge humanitarian issues, he understands that this is a generational humanitarian disaster of epic proportions, and I believe he will engage Congress and [United Nations Yemen envoy] Martin Griffiths and other stakeholders to end this conflict. “

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