Biden wins the race. Then he must win the knife fight.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump will almost certainly declare victory. And Fox News will declare Trump the winner. It will be bullshit.

Let’s look at the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is that Trump wins both Florida and North Carolina. These are the two states that will likely be called on election night itself, because of the way they count votes and because the polling stations close early. And of course, it’s entirely plausible that Trump could win both. And it will be difficult to watch, no doubt.

But still, if he does: do. Do not. Panic. Everyone I know is in total panic mode. I am part of the time myself. It’s understandable and natural. But… cold. Joe Biden is ahead. In some polls, very far. It has six or seven paths for 270 electoral votes. Donald Trump has one, or maybe two. I’m not predicting anything here. But I say: be confident and strong. This is important, and it will be even more important from Tuesday evening. This goes for you and for me – and especially for the Biden campaign.

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