Biden won in America’s real heart: the chocolate towns

Throughout the campaign cycle, political pundits and analysts predicted that “America’s heart” would be the deciding factor in who would win the White House in this election. Central America is just another way of describing rural white voters, who overwhelmingly handed the presidency to Trump in 2016. They are generally described as “the silent majority,” while urban voters, especially those living on the east coast, are often dismissed as members of the “coastal elite”.

Experts suggested Biden could only win if he flipped Midwestern and rural counties to battlefield states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But once again, white voters in most of those areas still gave Trump their vote at levels very similar to 2016, in the 1950s nationwide. The main difference this time around is that black voters in big cities have exceeded turnout expectations. Black voters in “chocolate towns” like Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta did more to secure victory for Biden than any Midwestern farmer or small-town coal miner.

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