Bidenites turn peaceful rally into fascist hell

As expected, Trump’s support has been massive and peaceful. Americans have come out in droves to express their silent voices against the mainstream media propaganda machine and its lords. The crowd was as diverse as it comes.

President Trump made his presence known to a grateful crowd of patriots. After the speeches, the Patriots marched to the Supreme Court, where a handful of Antifa morons and Biden supporters proved that even in their small number, they had no respect for their fellow Americans.

Meanwhile, Fox News, the only network covering the Stop The Steal rally but inundated with Murdoch’s left-wing pocket dogs, attempted to defend their fourth estate kidnapping of the election.

As the sun set, Biden’s Communist army surrounded the dispersing peaceful protesters and began attacking them, terrorizing men, women and children.

But by the end of it, it was blatantly obvious that the sleeping giant had awakened.

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