Biden’s Alaskan foreign policy disaster with China was worse than initially reported

Yesterday’s meeting with China in Alaska was even worse than initially reported.

The Chinese destroyed the Biden gang. They know they are weak and led by a senile old man.

‘US does not qualify to speak to China from a position of strength’ – Senior Chinese diplomat humiliates Biden’s team on US soil (VIDEO)

To make matters worse, before falling on the steps of Marine One three times, Biden claimed his team did well:

says he is ‘proud’ of Secretary of State Blinken to be humiliated by Chinese envoy on US soil (VIDEO)

But it was all a , just like the 2020 election.

The Conservative Treehouse reported it this way:

To say that the first major diplomatic summit between the United States and China was an mess would be an understatement. Apparently, US Secretary of State Tony Blinkin thought it would be helpful for the national audience to castigate the Beijing delegation in public and in front of the camera. His efforts were a complete failure as the Chinese knew everything was presented for domestic consumption … so, the red dragon set the purple hair on fire and obviously knocked out an unstable US secretary …

… Public insults are expressions of weakness, not strength.

It was visibly obvious that Secretary Blinken was not foolishly anticipating that the Chinese authorities would retaliate in their remarks in response to him …

… Moreover, despite criticism from Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan of China, there was not a word about Beijing’s responsibility for the coronavirus. Nothing on China allowing COVID to become a dangerous pandemic, and no criticism of Beijing for its continued refusal to cooperate with international investigations into the origins of the , including inspections of Wuhan bio-laboratories.

Overall, it was a pathetic (weak) and sophomoric (weak) attempt at diplomatic confrontation; while being disrespectful and completely devoid of facts, it is necessary to define the purpose of the diplomatic meeting. The first rule in any negotiation or confrontation is to use your opponent’s behaviour, the accepted empirical action, against him.

The Biden team looks like fifth graders against the Chinese – a far cry from the Trump years when President Trump asked China for a trade deal on Trump’s terms before China ditched the Chinese coronavirus around the world.

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