Biden’s army will not return medals to soldier pardoned by President Trump for killing suspected Afghan bomb maker

Biden’s army will not return the medals to Captain Matthew L. Golsteyn, whom President Trump has pardoned. The young captain has received numerous medals, the Silver , the third highest American military honor.

President Trump has pardoned Army Captain Mathew Golsteyn, but Biden’s army thinks they know what’s best after targeting the captain for years. USA Today reported yesterday:

The military has rejected a call to return medals for bravery to retired Major Mathew Golsteyn, a former special forces soldier, former President Donald Trump, pardoned for an alleged murder in Afghanistan. It was one of three high-profile cases in which Trump interceded on behalf of troops accused of war crimes.

The decision regarding Golsteyn, taken last June, was not announced by the military in Trump’s months as president, but is revealed in documents released in the United States TODAY. The military also rejected Golsteyn’s request to restore his Special Forces tab, marking his service as a member of an elite unit, and the removal of a letter of reprimand placed in his personnel file.

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American Military News reports:

The U.S. military has rejected a call to reinstate military service decorations and a special forces tab for retired Major Matthew Golsteyn. Golsteyn faced murder charges for killing an alleged Taliban bomb maker in 2010, but President Donald Trump forgave him the charge before his case went to trial.

“The Army for the Correction of Military Records, the service’s highest of administrative review for personnel actions, has considered and denied Matthew Golsteyn’s request,” the spokesperson for the Department on Thursday. Army, Lt. Col. Gabriel J. Ramirez, to American Military News. “Privacy laws prevent the military from disclosing specific information regarding the ’s decision.”

These rogue military personnel who refused to support President Trump and probably kept this news from him believe they are above the law. The captain was targeted for a war crime and the president pardoned him. According to these soldiers, pardons do not mean much. This abuse of power comes as no surprise in the military creation of Obama and Biden.

The captain had received one of the military’s highest honors, but instead of promoting this about the captain, the media were quick to claim that he murdered an Afghan bomb maker:

Golsteyn’s decorations included the Silver , the third highest American military honor. Golsteyn won the Heroism Award at the Battle of Marjah in Afghanistan.

Depending on the task and purpose, the military had previously approved the upgrade from the Silver to the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest military decoration behind the Medal of Honor.

The persecutions of innocent warriors are the sort of thing we will see progress in the corrupt Biden / Obama administration. They have done it before, they will do it again.

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