Big Tech and the Media Don’t Pick the President – Podcast Episode 82

The big tech and the main Marxist media want to choose Joe Biden as president. However, the elections are not over until they are over … and it is not over yet. I’ll explain why in this podcast. Alternative news sources: Newsmax: One American News Network: Breitbart News: Right Side Broadcast Network: Ammoland: Bearing Arms: The Truth About Guns: Liberty Park Press: Visit my website at Check out training at Practical Defense Systems: Patreon: Donate: Audio podcast: Watch GunGuyTV at these places: YouTube: Vimeo: Facebook: DailyMotion: BitChute: UGETube: GunStreamer: Visit our sponsors: – The P2K range – The Rainbow – OpticsPlanet Use the code “GunGuy5” for 5 % discount on your entire www OpticsPlanet Order. JOIN NRA HERE: Sign up for Second Call Defense here: Credits: Host: Joel Persinger – The GunGuy – Co-Founder and CEO of Practical Defense Systems – NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Video and Audio Production: Nick Persinger – The Camera Guy À About Feedback: Both positive and negative feedback are welcome. Do not hesitate. Having said that, I do believe in being respectful of others, so “trolling” comments and comments that contain profanity or sexually explicit material will be removed. .

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