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Big Tech Coalition Develops Digital COVID Vaccination Passport

A coalition of tech and healthcare organizations, including Oracle, Microsoft, and the Mayo Clinic, are said to be working on developing a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport that would allow businesses, airlines and governments to check whether individuals received the vaccine.

The Hill reports that a coalition of health and tech organizations are working to develop a new digital COVID-19 vaccination passport that could be verified by businesses, airlines and countries to confirm if a person has received the vaccine . The coalition includes tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle, as well as the Mayo Clinic.

On Thursday, the Vaccination Credential Initiative announced that it is developing technology to confirm vaccinations in case governments require people to provide proof that they have received a vaccination in order to travel.

The coalition hopes the technology will allow people to “demonstrate their health to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting the privacy of their data.” The group uses work from the Commons Project’s international digital document that verifies that a person has tested negative for COVID-19.

Currently, the Commons Project system, which was created in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, is used by three major airline alliances. The coalition is reportedly currently in talks with several governments to create a program requiring negative tests or proof of vaccination to enter the country, according to Commons Project Director General Paul Meyer.

Meyer said in a statement, “The purpose of the Vaccination Certificates Initiative is to give individuals digital access to their immunization records so that they can use tools like CommonPass to safely return to travel, to work, school and life, while protecting the privacy of their data. “

Mike Sicilia, executive vice president of global business units at Oracle, said the passport “should be as easy as online banking” and added, “We are committed to working collectively with the technology and medical communities, as well. than with world governments. , to ensure that people have secure access to this information when and where they need it. “

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