Bill Maher claims China congratulates Biden means he won – Trump adviser puts him on ‘Beijing Biden’ right away – Dateway

Trump’s legal adviser took HBO host Bill Maher to the stake on his Friday show after defending heads of state – namely China – congratulating Joe Biden on his planned victory.

“Why do you think so many right-wing people, including people like Rupert Murdoch, Karl Rove, Erdogan – a strong man from Turkey – the Pope of China is now congratulating Biden?” Maher asked on her show “Real Time”.

“Why have so many people come up with this idea: ‘Okay America had a free and fair election, congratulations to the reporter, that’s how it works, you win, you lose . ” Why?”

Ellis simply pointed to Biden’s corruption with China as the reason he should actually be investigated, not praised.

“Well, China definitely congratulates Joe Biden because they know they can control him. Beijing Biden is really something that needs to be looked at, ”Ellis replied.

It caught Maher off guard.

“Well, I went straight into that one, didn’t I?” Maher said.

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“Yeah, you really did,” Ellis said laughing.

“Alright, Jenna. You brought me there, ”Maher smiles.

Ellis explained that Biden’s corruption in China is exactly why election results must be carefully scrutinized to ensure they were conducted in a fair and legitimate manner.

“So China congratulating Biden is not really a good thing,” Ellis said. “We have always had contested elections, through legal channels, through recounts. Just because we have the Pope or someone in the congratulating Joe Biden, no state has certified his results.

“And that’s all we ask is to make sure that the results that are certified are the legitimate count. I think it’s absolutely fair and all Americans should accept this, just like Al Gore, the Democratic candidate did in 2000. ”

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The hypocrisy of the left continues its criminal path towards the completion of its power offer.

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