Bill Maher says Jimmy Kimmel’s losing Democrats are responsible for leaving Amy Coney Barrett in Supreme Court

Bill Maher appeared to shock Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night when he said in their interview that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have resigned from the Supreme Court during President Obama’s second term so President Trump would never have had the chance to replace it.

Kimmel was trying to compliment his guest by noting how well he handled the moment when he had to deliver the news of RBG’s death live to his audience and Jane Fonda. Real time last month.

“Not like his death is a shock,” Maher said. When Kimmel pushed back, he added, “She was 100 years old and had a million cancers. She was a great justice but should have resigned.

“The Democratic plan for the Supreme Court was that Ruth Bader Ginsburg not die,” he added. “And that’s why they’re so losers. I vote for them but they don’t know how to play politics. Explaining that Obama had asked Ginsburg to go to the Oval Office to “hint” that she should retire, Maher said, “She should have understood. I mean, as great as it is in a lot of ways, it really put us in a bad position because, as I keep saying on my show, power breeds power.

“When you lose power, you keep losing it,” Maher continued. “This is where we are now. We lose the presidential elections, they appoint judges, now the Supreme Court has 6 votes to 3, it will last a very long time. If the elections end in court, who do you think they’ll go with? We saw what happened with Bush vs. Gore. That’s what I mean. You lose power and then you lose it again.

Later in the interview, after telling Kimmel he wasn’t afraid of COVID-19 because Trump, Chris Christie and Harvey Weinstein had all survived it – and ignoring the fact that they probably all had better ones healthcare than the average obese American – Maher has returned to his fears about the 2020 election.

While convinced that Joe Biden will win both the popular vote and the Electoral College, Maher said, “It’s impossible to imagine Trump losing and then saying, ‘Well, we fought the good fight but the best man won. ‘

“He’s not losing,” Maher said. “Other than three weddings, three casinos, four magazines, an airline, a soccer league, a charity, steaks, vodka and a college, he never lost anything. So he is not going to enter the night softly. This is what worries me.

When Maher finished predicting the worst case scenario, Kimmel ended the interview by saying, “Good luck to everyone sleeping tonight.” He added, “Bill, you paint us a very rosy picture. I’m scared now because you’re right almost all the time.

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