Black protests are polished like riots. The Washington White Riot has barely been polished.

I continued to review footage of an officer in riot gear, his shield in one hand and the wrist of a woman wearing a MAGA hat in the other, the cop patiently leading her up the stairs to make sure that she was not falling. This white lady had just tried to overthrow the government alongside thousands of others who had stormed Congress, a white riot to stop the transfer of power.

Six years earlier, when Miriam Carey – a black woman – got too close to the Capitol building, police shot her car more than 20 times, while her one-year-old daughter was inside. They kind of missed the baby but killed Carey five times.

But now the cops were carefully leading white terrorists who literally had tried to take power outside the Capitol building. White supremacy bothers me everyday, but the benefits of white power and privilege are so palpable sometimes you almost Understand why these Trump thugs are fighting so hard to keep him going.

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