BLM Mobs loot big-screen TVs, reporter Attack News and ‘target whites’ – Dateway

A crowd of “more than 1,000” Black Lives Matter rioters engaged in a massive looting frenzy in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, brutally brutalizing a journalist for filming his crimes and allegedly “specifically targeting and attacking whites”.

As I reported on Tuesday afternoon, the riots were sparked off by police gunshot, Walter Wallace Jr, a 27-year-old career criminal, armed with a knife, whom BLM and the media turned into a saint “mentally handicapped”.

‘Peaceful protesters’ demanded justice for his name by looting a Foot Locker, Walmart, Five Below, Dollar Tree, T-Mobile and a host of troubled small businesses, many of which were already wiped out by looters earlier this year .

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Philadelphia police flee from looters in violent mob attacks.

Chick-fil-A, whose CEO literally got on his knees and baked a rapper’s shoes while insisting Christians must “repent” for the “shame” of racism earlier this year, was also looted.

Journalist Julio Rosas said he had “seen nothing like it on this scale since Minneapolis in May”.

Antifa was seen pushing and annoying the castrated police:

Journalist Elijah Schaffer was violently attacked by a BLM mob for filming their crimes:

“They were specifically targeting and attacking whites tonight in Philadelphia,”
Schaffer reported after the assault.

“It was clear, if you were white you weren’t welcome,” Schaffer said. “This is why Antifa organized its own protests in another part of the city.”

Journalist James Klüg was chased by the BLM mob for several ‘blocks’ for the shoot, but luckily managed to escape:

If it hadn’t been for these independent reporters, we would never have seen footage of this massive BLM criminal frenzy.

The media are doing everything in their power to act as if these riots aren’t happening because they know it will hurt Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have worked tirelessly all year to fan the flames of hate and racial anti-white resentment and even encouraged people to donate. to a bond fund to bail out rioters and looters caught in the act!

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