Blue-collar voters flock to the Republican Party

In recent years, Democrats have embraced the radical left and this has consequences.

Blue collar, working class people are now flocking to the Republican Party. Is there any reason to wonder why?

In one of his first acts as president, Joe Biden cut thousands of jobs.

NBC News reports:

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The GOP is quickly becoming the party of blue collar workers. Here is what it means.

Donald Trump’s exit has brought politics back to a more normal pace in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.

Data from the NBC News poll shows that the makeup of the two main parties is changing, and a massive shift is happening in employment: the types of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs among racial and ethnic demographics that Republicans are becoming the party of America’s blue collar workers and change is happening quickly.

If the movement continues, it could have a big impact on the future of the GOP. Consider the magnitude of the change as a whole.

Over the past decade, the percentage of blue collar voters who identify themselves as Republicans has increased by 12 points. At the same time, the number in this group identifying themselves as Democrats fell by 8 points. Among white-collar voters, the numbers remained stable, with Democrats seeing a slight increase and Republicans seeing a small drop …

With those voters, the numbers reflect this large-scale change – a 12 point gain for the GOP.

This is a major political change that also includes minorities.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Blue collar workers made a major shift from the Democratic Party to the GOP under former President Donald Trump, including those from the Hispanic and black demographics.

The percentage of blue-collar voters who align themselves with the Republican Party has increased 12 points over the past decade, according to an NBC News poll. During the same period, the number of blue collar voters calling themselves Democrats fell by 8 points.

The change is true across demographic lines, with more Hispanic and black blue collar workers identifying with the GOP.

This could have a major effect on the 2022 and 2024 elections.

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