Boogaloo Dreams of Killing Cops and Random Civilians Revealed by Leaked Chats

The apocalypse wasn’t happening fast enough.

“Nov 2nd Boogaloo start date,” one person posted in a private chat group in October 2019. “Bring your kit and weapons to your hotel room just in case.”

November 2 came and went without incident.

“The Virginia luau kicks off in one month so start training as you fight,” a second person—a then-school security guard—posted a month ahead of a January 2020 pro-gun protest.

“Nobody booged today and I am disappointed,” another posted when that event, too, concluded non-violently.

By March 2020, desperation was setting in. “I hate to say this but is there a way to ‘make’ this happen or should we let it naturally?” one person wrote.

For more than a year, members of the so-called “Boogaloo” movement planned for insurrectionary violence in a private group chat. Those hundreds of thousands of messages, released Thursday by the nonprofit media collective Unicorn Riot, reveal the makings of the Boogaloo scene, a loose far-right and libertarian coalition united around a fixation on fighting—and in some cases, inciting—a second civil war called the “Boogaloo.”

Since the movement’s formation, at least two dozen Boogaloo-associated men have been arrested for alleged plots ranging from murders of law enforcement to attempted kidnappings of elected officials.

Although the movement has outwardly painted itself as acting defensively against gun laws, the leaked chats show members actively encouraging brutal violence, including that which would target civilians, particularly on the left. And despite the movement’s stated hatred for federal agents and law enforcement, many members boasted of a cozy relationship with power, including one man who claimed to be an Army soldier working special operations with Mexican federales, and the school security guard in Long Island, who said he was angling for a cop career after interning with a local sheriff.

Perhaps most glaring: an avalanche of straight-up racist bile that places the budding movement more firmly on the far right.

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