Borat 2 sees Sacha Baron Cohen exposing Trump’s insidious America racism

IIt’s been a garbage can fire for a year. So let’s give joyful thanks for Next film Borat: Delivery of a stupendous bribe to the American regime to benefit a glorious nation of Kazakhstan, the completely unexpected and incredibly welcome return of the Kazakh journalist Sacha Baron Cohen, who delivers the joker absurdity – and the mockery of the conservatives of the Red State, the madmen of QAnon and the bad guys of the Trump administration – that tired Americans desperately deserve it. The sequels do not come more triumphant, nor more timely than that.

(In other words, WAWAWEEWA!)

Filmed in secret over the last few months ravaged by the pandemic, Next Borat movie (which debuts Friday, October 23 on Amazon Prime) is a superbly silly satirical sequel to the 2006 hit. Given that all of Borat’s movement induces hate speech and behavior from anti-Semites, racists, xenophobes and other intolerant people, its re-emergence during a pre-election moment plagued by Trump venom, bigotry and criminality could not be more timely. Unfortunately, Cohen doesn’t put the Commander-in-Chief in front of the camera like he did with Da Ali G showThe 2003 episode, when he tried to sell the then real estate mogul on ice cream-eating gloves. Nonetheless, while Borat’s ridicule against the president is currently confined to Twitter, he manages to find a multitude of ideal MAGA dupes for his hidden camera ploys, not to mention two men very close to Trump: Vice President Mike Pence. and lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

[Minor spoilers follow]

Next Borat movie picks up with the inappropriate foreign journalist in a labor camp, where he works since the girl Borat characteristic brought shame and disgrace to Kazakhstan. He obtains a reprieve from his sentence thanks to the Prime Minister of the country, who informs him that during his prison term, the United States was ruined by a “perverse man who opposed all American values”, to know Barack Obama. Now, however, the Prime Minister wishes to curry favor with Donald Trump by appealing to his love of strong men. To do this, he sends Borat back to the United States to give a gift to Pence (“America’s most famous ladies”) who will earn Kazakhstan the respect he covets. Ultimately, the gift in question is Johnny the Monkey, the country’s most famous pornstar (which means yes, the film’s originally announced title Borat: Donation of a pornographic monkey to Vice-Premier Mikhael Pence to benefit the recently diminished nation of Kazakhstan was correct). Alas, after a long sea voyage, Borat arrives in Galveston to find that Johnny did not survive the trip, and that a stowaway has taken the place of the animal: Tutar Sagdiyev (Maria Bakalova), his daughter from 15 years old.

Replacing Borat producer Azamat Bagatov (who has met a comedic death fate), Tutar is the sidekick that energizes Borat’s odyssey, anchoring the action in a father-daughter relationship defined by the extravagant misogyny that Borat (and his compatriots) subscribed. A “Girl Owner’s Manual” published by the Kazakhstan Agriculture and Wildlife Ministry proves to be a recurring source of insane inspiration, both for the back and forth between Borat and Tutar, and for their quest, which involves turning Tutar into a nice offer for Pence. Since the teenager dreams of being Melania Trump (she even watches a Disney-style secular animated princess flick about Trump wooing his wife by catching her you-know-what), the thought of being locked in a Wife cage by Pence sounds like a dream come true for Tutar. So, the duo have gone down the road, along the way, making stops at stores and events where they say and do all kinds of inappropriate and horrible things, including a debutant ball that boasts the biggest laughs in the proceedings.

Via a first sequence in which Borat is tracked down by fans in search of autographs, Next Borat movie recognizes the reality that Cohen’s character is now too recognizable to fool most. As a result, more than half of the film’s gotcha scenes feature him in cartoonish “American” disguises (big bushy beards and long hair, leather jackets, overalls). Yet even with this hurdle, Borat’s central gimmick continues to perform surprisingly well. Time and time again, American men and women willingly agree to trade disgusting Jewish stereotypes, espouse pro-life views even in the face of heinous incest, show interest in underage prostitution, and – with a number. musical at a white nationalist rally who manages to embody Borat’s infamous “Throw the Jew Down the Well” song – to sing to lyrics such as “Infect him with the Wuhan Flu” (regarding Obama and Fauci) and “Chop them” up like the Saudis do ”(Referring to journalists and WHO).

As this last example illustrates, the ongoing pandemic is coming to play a role Next Borat movie, as Borat somehow manages to quarantine himself with two QAnon lunatics for days on end, listening to their opinion that the Clintons drink the blood of underage children, while decrying the insane ideas of Borat on childbirth as a “conspiracy theory”. It is not a shock to hear mountain MAGA-ites talk about “dangerous” Democrats, or to see crowds of them repeat Borat’s statement that “Corona is a liberal hoax”. Yet Cohen’s devious tricks never fail to impress or amuse, because his purpose is so precise; Through its cartoonish performances and those of Bakalova, as well as the responses they elicit from their targets, the film brutally scrambles right-wing Americans for their increasingly strong and proud prejudices and extremism.

… The film brutally confuses right-wing Americans for their increasingly strong and proud prejudices and extremism.

Although Borat’s tactics and slogans are familiar, Next Borat movie skillfully stands on her own, thanks to Bakalova’s unhindered turn as a systematically oppressed Tutar – whose path leads to feminist self-realization – and a story that, by its conclusion, taps into our current nightmare of the COVID tragedy, fueled by Trump and social unrest. There is something both exhilarating and depressing about watching Borat forcing morons to decry the masks and Dr.Anthony Fauci, and that last emotion might overwhelm the first if not for the infectiously optimistic and irrepressible character of Cohen, whose desire to give off his offspring and therefore gain the admiration of his homeland turns out to be the perfectly wacky premise of a saga designed to poke fun at the deplorable.

Credited to Eight Writers (although you wouldn’t know from the current madness), director Jason Woliner’s sequel is ultimately an even more political work than the 2006 original, shining the spotlight on segments of our population. who have done so much damage. to American culture, reputation and democracy. Whether it’s getting a baker to promote a Charlottesville-style white power slogan, or an Instagram influencer to claim that acting ‘weak’ and ‘submissive’ is the best way to get rich old people to shell out money, the second adventure of Borat de Cohen is doomed amid the tumult. antics. It’s the rare sequel to the comedy to match the hilarity and indignant power of its predecessor.

To find out more, listen to Sacha Baron Cohen on The last laugh Podcast.

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