Borat defends ‘America’s mayor’ Rudy Giuliani against ‘fake news media’

In a new video posted to his Twitter account hours earlier Next Borat movie is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, Borat Sagdiyev himself offers a very sincere defense of Rudy Giuliani.

“Jagshemash. I’m here to defend US Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, ”Borat says. “What was a sexy and innocent encounter between a consenting man and my 15 year old daughter was turned into something disgusting by the fake media.

He then issues a warning, telling viewers, “Someone else will try this and Rudolph won’t hesitate to go through his legal records and pull out his su-penis,” before concluding with his signature, “Chenqui.”

This was Sacha Baron Cohen and the film’s first official response to the outcry that occurred on Wednesday when news broke about the climactic scene of the new film, in which Giuliani enters a bedroom with the actress who is playing. Borat’s daughter and pats her before. reaching for his pants in a suggestive way.

Giuliani defended himself by saying he only tucked in his shirt after she took off her mic, adding, “At no time before, during or after the interview was I ever inappropriate.

Viewers will be able to see for themselves when the film begins streaming online shortly after the final presidential debate.

To find out more, listen to Sacha Baron Cohen on The last laugh Podcast.

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