Boris Johnson faces legal issues after claiming to quote Shakespeare as preliminary during case

The British Prime Minister likes to recite Shakespeare to put him in the mood for sex, according to the American woman whose extraordinary of a long affair with Boris Johnson could potentially get him in legal trouble.

Jennifer Arcuri has been said to have had sex with Johnson for , but she finally spoke about it over the weekend. The businesswoman offered stunning details of Johnson’s inclinations, telling the Sunday mirror that the couple would read the Bard’s works aloud before having sex on the couch at the Prime Minister’s family home.

“We went to reading Macbeth, which was kind of a foreplay routine that we had, ”Arcuri said. “I said, ‘let’s get to the good stuff’. He said, ‘I like it about you, you just wanna get to the right part. After I had sex … I felt conflicted being there in his family home and seeing him like that, but I couldn’t help but love the feeling of being wanted.

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