Brainwashing? Child reads SJW cultural indoctrination book for kids – Dateway

Viral footage shows a child reading an LGBTQ-themed ’s where the letters of the alphabet represent various terms adopted by the radical left.

In the video, the preschooler reads a 2019 titled “The GayBCs,” reciting statements such as, “A is for Ally, B is for Bi” and “C is for Coming Out.”

The little boy also recites more adult terms like “intersex”, “queer” and “trans”.

The is commonly read at Drag Queen Story Hour events.

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Many claim the images are further evidence that the left is attempting to indoctrinate in their waking cult, with some calling the practice “child abuse” and “sexual grooming.”

Does the video demonstrate attempts by the left to indoctrinate the next generation and blur the lines between gender and sex? Or is it just a video of a kid reading an innocent ? Ring below.

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