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As crackdown on lockdown ‘violators’ escalates by UK authorities, police have come under fire for bragging about fining someone they witnessed eating a kebab in their car , only.

Avon and Somerset Police tweeted about the incident which took place over the weekend at Cheddar Gorge, a place of natural beauty in the southwest of the country.

The problem, according to police, is that the person drove 20 miles from Bristol to eat the kebab.

Police boasted of patrolling the area to punish people they felt were breaking the lockdown:

In a separate media statement, police said that while “patrolling Cheddar [they] engaged with a number of people who were seated in cars parked at Cheddar Gorge.

“The officers made the decision to issue fixed penalty notices to seven people who they said were not residents of the area, were not members of the same household and had no valid reason for their travel under current COVID-19 regulations ”. the statement continued.

‘We are asking people to follow the regulations, to travel only when essential and to exercise locally at their homes, in order to save lives and protect the NHS,’ the statement concluded, echoing government rhetoric.

Police are asking the public to report lockdown violators:

The reaction to the police on Twitter was swift:

While some expressed their distaste for the police, others were eager to snitch:

The incident follows a number of other instances of police crackdown on people who made headlines over the weekend.

Two women were questioned and fined by police for walking around a remote area 5 miles from their place of residence, although this is not illegal under coronavirus laws. The police told the women that the hot drinks they were carrying constituted a “picnic.”

The women, Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore, told reporters that the police appeared to be “ desperate to fine them ”:

The women explained that they believed the isolated location they chose to walk “would keep us safe, and it would also be safer for everyone.”

The couple said, “The officers approached us as we parked, we parked two spots apart to make sure we were really respecting social distancing, and the officers quickly started. to walk towards our vehicles. ”

“They were looking to find information that could justify that we had broken the rules,” they explained.

Elsewhere, video emerged showing police arresting people who were walking, sitting on benches and drinking coffee outside.

After the footage went viral, police claimed the whole thing was staged by ‘anti-lockdown protesters’:

Video also emerged of police officers themselves sitting in a cafe drinking coffee, with the person filming them wondering why they were breaking the rules:

In another incident, a couple with a baby and a stroller were toasted by COVID police in Birmingham city center simply for walking down the street. The report noted that police community support officers then began interviewing people who had arrived at a pharmacy to collect prescription drugs.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, a family was arrested after police entered their home, acting on a neighbor’s report that there were “too many people inside”.

A local police department even angrily tweeted about “2 reports of throwing snowballs” in violation of coronavirus lockdown rules.

Another police service has threatened people with fines for planning to sled in a remote area of ​​North Yorkshire.

Last week we reported on police announcing a new ‘tough’ lockdown policy to arrest and question people if they are on the streets, and to impose fines. instant if they can’t provide a reasonable excuse to be out of their homes.

Police also said they would specifically target “anti-lockout and anti-vaccine protesters,” saying “we now have a hardcore element that is against the rules.”

Police are also calling for new powers to force entry into the homes of suspected lockdown violators.

As we previously reported, the government has reportedly discussed increasing COVID restrictions even further by allowing people to leave their homes once a week and banning talking to friends on the street or at the supermarket.

The supermarkets themselves are said to be patrolled by police and inspected on the grounds that they are not enforcing social distancing rules sufficiently. Some may face fines for “breaking the rules,” according to reports.

The government has come under fire for putting in place a third lockdown, in which everyone is limited to congregating in parks and going to the supermarket only.

Critics say it forces people into the same spaces, rather than allowing people to disperse naturally.

It is clear that the public is increasingly tired of the lockdown restrictions and that the police are implementing a tougher approach in order to enforce the Covid government decrees.

Reports emerged over the weekend that the restrictions were to remain in place at least until March 23, but the government has given no official timeline for how long the lockdown will last, nor any indication of when the restrictions will be. reinforced or lifted.

Meanwhile, in Wuhan …

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