British trans people fight a wave of toxic stigma

AAlmost every trans person I know tells me the same things: “I can’t read or watch the news anymore”… “I had to take medicine just to work”… “I don’t feel safe anywhere”… “I’m scared every time I leave home”… “I’m thinking about moving”… “We’re going to live abroad.”

Opinions differ as to exactly when the world turned upside down and the lives of trans people in the UK quickly began to slip into an unbearable daily onslaught of lies, hate, discrimination and violence, but as we come to the end of 2020 is where we are.

Around the time Trump and Brexit arrived in our nightmares, a culture war broke out over the human rights of trans people, a war that trans people did not want and where the forces clashed. to them, not only the usual ranks of the religious right. , the far right and the antediluvian social conservatives, but British government ministers and a surprisingly transphobic mainstream media.

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