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As chaos unfolded in the UK with the government touting an unverified ‘mutant strain’ of COVID to justify a new lockdown, video emerged of British travelers parked at foreign airports and detained against their will.

As EU countries began to halt flights from Britain, some passengers were caught in the nightmare. A video from German newspaper BILD shows Britons being forced to sleep in the same room at Hanover airport after being refused entry into the country.

The footage shows health officials and nurses, some in hazardous material gear, immediately administering Covid-19 tests, as passengers plead, “Help us go!”

“We are at Hanover Airport and we are held against our will, we have been tested and we have been prohibited from leaving the premises while awaiting the results,” said traveler Manuela Thomys in the video.

Hanover health official Andreas Kranz told Germany’s DPA newswire that “our goal is to prevent the new variant of the virus from entering the region”.

According to the “ authorities ”, if the passengers test negative, they will be allowed to go to their destination, but will still have to enter a 10-day quarantine. After five days and another negative test result, they can end the quarantine.

However, if the passengers tested positive for the ‘mutant strain’ they would be held in a quarantine facility.

The same situation was in effect at Berlin BER Airport, according to Tom Nuttall, the Berlin correspondent for The Economist:

Nuttall noted that people without a negative test have been “told they must return to the UK”.

New York Times correspondent Patrick Kingsley, who was also on the flight to Berlin, said authorities had let German citizens go without testing:

Reports also indicate that British passengers were being held at airports in Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.

Deutsche Welle reports that at least one passenger has tested positive, but it is not known if this is the so-called ‘mutant strain’.

BILD also reported that a pilot on a flight to Germany from the UK told non-German passengers they had to get off the plane before take-off or undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test and a quarantine after landing.

Audio recorded by someone on the plane reveals that the pilot gave non-German passengers the opportunity to get off the plane before facing the chaos, including isolation and mandatory COVID testing, at the ‘landing.

According to reports, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Turkey have all decided to stop flights from the UK due to the new strain.

Outside of Europe, Canada, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, El Salvador, Argentina, Chile and Morocco have all imposed travel bans.

The 70% more contagious “ mutant strain ”, which British scientists and government officials have not been proven, has already appeared in Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium.

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