British woman arrested for filming in empty hospital Dateway

A woman in the UK has been arrested by police after filming a video inside a nearly empty hospital and uploading it.

The clip shows the woman walking through virtually empty hallways and filming empty wards at the Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire.

“It’s a shame… it’s so dead… all of the people in our country desperately waiting for treatment, for cancer treatment, for heart disease, honestly it makes me so angry,” she said. while filming a row of empty chairs.

The woman said she was shocked at how quiet the hospital was, saying she expected there to be “a few more people around, there is absolutely no one”.

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According to reports, a 46-year-old woman was later arrested by police for filming the video and charged with suspicion of disturbing public order.

The woman was released on bail to return to police on January 21, on condition that she could not enter NHS premises or the grounds of such premises except in an emergency or to attend an pre-arranged NHS meeting, “said a statement from Gloucestershire Police.

While footage shows the interior of the hospital is virtually empty, UK health officials have continuously claimed the NHS is at risk of being ‘overwhelmed’ due to the rise in COVID-19 infections.

NHS England says there are now more COVID-19 patients in hospitals than there were during the April peak of the first wave.

However, public data shows that hospitals are indeed more empty than at this time of last year, with beds at 89% occupied compared to 95% in December 2019.

In parts of the country, intensive care occupancy rates are also lower than the 3-year average.

Almost all of the Nightingale emergency hospitals that were built at a cost of £ 220million to treat COVID overflow patients have never been used and are now being dismantled.

Many also wondered why nurses had time to perform carefully rehearsed and choreographed dances for the weight of social media, with family members of cancer victims who have been denied treatment complaining of their insensitivity.



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