British woman threatened with police visit for failing to download NHS Corona tracking app – Dateway

A British woman says she has been threatened with police visiting her home if she does not download the NHS coronavirus track and trace app. presents the story of a woman from Skipton who tested positive for COVID-19 and immediately isolated herself.

“This was followed by ‘over’ 20 text messages asking him to download the NHS app. She didn’t because she doesn’t want to be followed and she isolates herself anyway. She was then called by the Test and Trace system and the caller threatened her with “a police check on your address if you don’t download the app”. Completely furious, she ends the phone call and waits to see what happens next.

The NHS track and trace application is completely voluntary and the authorities have no reason to enforce its adoption legally. This is another example of how bureaucratic control freaks just make up laws and justify bullying others through coronavirus hysteria.

As we pointed out earlier, authorities appear to deploy more draconian crackdowns as more stringent lockdowns are reintroduced.

This includes cases where the police question people about what they are about to buy before entering grocery stores.

England entered another debilitating national lockdown last night which will last until at least December 1.

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