Brits imagine what ‘level 5’ could look like amid even tougher lockdown rumors – Dateway

Twitter went into panic mode as users shared their craziest ideas about what a Level 5 lockdown could do amid rumors the UK government was announcing new restrictions.

The highest level of restrictions on the current UK Government menu is Level 4, also known as ‘Stay at Home’.

That hasn’t stopped many netizens from imagining what a hypothetical “level 5” lockdown would look like amid growing speculation of even tougher new rules.

Twitter has exploded with memes of Prime Minister Boris Johnson setting up automatic weapons in front of people’s homes or personally tracking down quarantine rule breakers.

Others have also joked about authorities installing giant walls or force fields to protect communities from the virus.

“We were doing memes on level 5 last week and now it’s a possibility” a worried person wrote.

Johnson announced Level 4 restrictions in London and several other parts of England days before Christmas, prompting many to abruptly flee the capital before the new rules come into effect.

On December 23, the Daily Express quoted a government source as saying that Tier 4 appeared “Not to be strong enough” to slow the spread of Covid-19. The newspaper said officials had talks of returning a system similar to a nationwide lockdown in March. A source described him as “Add another level to level 4, so like level 5.”

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