Broadway star Betty Buckley wants Trump to leave his music alone and Texas to ‘turn blue’

BEtty Buckley was walking her dog one evening a few weeks ago – near her ranch, west of Fort in her native Texas – when she saw a neighbor’s Trump / Pence sign.

“In a fit of spades, I ripped it off the fence and kept walking,” the Tony Award-winning Broadway star told The Daily . Buckley then called his longtime assistant and close friend, Cathy Brighenti, who told him that she shouldn’t have done what she had done and that the owner probably knew she was the abuser. “So on my way back, I picked up the sign and put it back. Buckley laughs. “The next time I went there, I noticed that they had wired at the close.

Buckley has lived on his ranch for almost 20 years, with his beloved horses and a menagerie of animals. A staunch Democrat, disgusted with President Trump, his policies and his administration – “I really hope Texas turns blue, that would be great” – she finds herself surrounded by Trump / Pence and their placards.

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