Bryan Cranston shatters again in Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ and it’s a pleasure to watch

Inot breaking BadBryan Cranston played a seemingly honorable man who saw a criminal opportunity, seized it, then seized it. Your Honor, on the other hand, presents the actor as an honorable man who is forced by circumstances to behave criminally and discovers that he is good enough at it – although not necessarily good enough to escape capture. For Cranston, it’s a chance to play a variation on the antihero role that has earned him such acclaim (including four Best Actor Emmys), and if there’s just one reason to watch this news 10-episode Showtime miniseries is his galvanized performance as a father. determined to bypass the very rules he defends in order to protect himself and his loved ones.

An adaptation of the Israeli television series Kvodo, creator / writer Peter Moffat’s Your Honor (premieres Sunday, December 6 on Showtime) stars Cranston as Michael Desiato, a esteemed New Orleans judge still grappling with the unsolved murder of his beloved photographer wife. On the anniversary of this tragedy, Michael returns home to find his son Adam (Hunter Doohan) in a state of disarray. By the time this encounter occurs, we have already witnessed what left Adam in ruins. In an extended introductory sequence that gives this legal thriller a gripping start, Adam visits the scene of his mother’s death in the Lower Ninth Ward, is threatened by a group of black residents, runs away in his car, and , while trying to reach for his inhaler. he could avoid an asthma attack, accidentally hitting a motorcyclist, killing his driver, Rocco Baxter, 17 (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth). After failing to revive the child, Adam panics and flees the scene.

Moffat and director Edward Berger stage this calamity with precision, crossing paths with Adam, Rocco and Michael – who is in court exposing a cop’s lie in a drug-related case against a black single mother – with an air of rising and inevitable terror. Upon hearing about this disaster, Michael’s natural reaction is to do the right thing and report Adam to the authorities. However, when he arrives at the police station, he sees the family of the victim and runs away, because Rocco’s parents are not just dummies; they are Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg) and Gina Baxter (Hope Davis), the linchpins of the city’s most ruthless criminal family. Instinctively realizing that identifying Adam as the abuser will force the Baxters to murder his son – and possibly him too – Michael opts for Plan B, which is to cover up Adam’s misdeed.

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