Bumbling Biden misinterprets teleprompter yet again and calls for $ 15 million minimum wage – Dateway

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden again flouted his teleprompter lines on Friday, calling for a minimum wage of $ 15 million instead of a minimum wage of $ 15.

Biden spoke of a socialist policy to implement a living wage, calling first for a minimum wage of $ 15 million, then a $ 15,000 minimum wage before finally settling at $ 15.

Biden’s use of a teleprompter, combined with his goof-prone personality, has yielded laughable results with some of his speeches in recent weeks.

Last month, Biden read “End of Quote” while reciting a speech accusing Trump of plotting to strip Social Security and Medicare from the elderly.

Biden is clearly not playing with a full game.

Watch Biden’s full speech below:

Owen and Deanna Lorraine react to Joe Biden who says the n word twice to Congress! Stream the video!

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