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California lawmakers have rolled back coronavirus travel warnings and flew to Maui to party with lobbyists as their state plunged into a vicious second lockdown, according to reports.

From Politico, “California lawmakers travel to Maui with lobbyists despite pandemic, travel warnings”:

Look impeccable wearing exclusive clothing that you will only find in our store.

The pandemic may have “canceled” 2020, but it didn’t derail an annual gathering of lobbyists and lawmakers on the Maui shores that brought people from across the country to a luxury resort this week.

Alex Jones is shattering elites by admitting to using Covid-19 and the authoritarian lockdown of medical tyranny to implement the Great Reset weapon against sovereign corporations.

About 100 people from four states converged at the Fairmont Kea Lani for a four-day legislative conference hosted by the Independent Voter Project, said group chairman and chief executive Dan Howle.

The 18th annual event was a third of its usual size, Howle said, but it still attracted nearly 20 lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington state. The theme? How to reopen state economies in the context of a public health crisis.

Howle said he was not concerned about the public health implications of bringing people together from across the country due to the strict requirements of Hawaii’s mandatory Safe Travels program. To avoid a long quarantine, visitors must provide proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you have a negative Covid test before you get here,” he says.

But the tests are not foolproof; they might provide the wrong result or not catch the coronavirus during the incubation period. And there are risks to traveling as visitors could still be exposed to the island and bring the virus home.

The event comes amid a worrying wave of infections across the country and new travel restrictions on the west coast, and many schools and businesses remain closed.

Despite the plebs being ordered to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas and shut down their small businesses, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught violating his own lockdown orders to attend a party last week.

Politico continues:

Howle stressed that there would be no cocktail hours or impromptu hotel bars and that guests would be urged not to go table-to-table at meals, adding that masks would be required at all times, except when they eat or drink. The event received special permission from the county to convene a group of more than 12 people, he said.

He did not give the names of lawmakers in attendance, but the event often attracts moderate Democrats. Assembly members Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) and Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) were in attendance last year, according to financial reports. Their offices did not respond to several inquiries on Monday as to whether they were in Hawaii this week.

[…] “At some point you have to find a way to get people back to some semblance of normal life,” [Howle] said. “It’s a good conference.”

The LA Times has more:

The Independent Voter Project paid $ 550 for its plane ticket, Howle said, as well as a five-night hotel stay, where rooms now cost $ 600 or more per day.

Howle declined to name the participants, but said there were fewer than 20 lawmakers from the tri-state. The rest of the guests include the spouses of lawmakers and other family members, as well as representatives from businesses and trade groups who pay thousands of dollars to gain access to lawmakers who could later vote on bills. affecting their industries.

These sponsorships have cost $ 10,000 in recent years, although Howle said he was offering a significant discount for this conference due to the pandemic.

The Independent Voter Project, which was founded in 2006, is a nonprofit that says it aims to empower non-partisan voters and promote a less polarized approach to governance. It was the origin of the 2010 poll initiative that instituted California’s first two primary systems.

But the group – which is funded by corporate funders like AT&T, Eli Lilly and Co., Pepsico, Walmart, and the Western States Petroleum Association – is best known in Sacramento for spending tens of thousands of dollars each year bringing in dozens of lawmakers in Maui.

These corrupt politicians should be thrown in jail.

Here are case / death charts taken straight from the official California government website.

As you can clearly see, deaths are on the decline.

In addition, “cases” (most of which are asymptomatic) are increasing with an increase in testing.

If our ruling class really thought this virus was a deadly danger, why are they all celebrating?

When China instituted a lockdown in January, it seemed reasonable as they didn’t know if it was a biological weapon or just the flu.

When Trump went to close the border in February out of caution as China released psy-op videos of people falling dead on the streets, that also seemed reasonable.

This virus has been spreading around the world for a year now.

This is the best estimate of the survival rates of this virus according to the CDC:

Hysteria does not match the data or the science.

This fits with the globalist agenda that the World Economic Forum has dubbed “The Big Reset”.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudaeu explained this explicitly in a video that went viral on social media on Monday:

The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, said the goal of The Great Reset was to fight nationalism:

“The big reset” is just world communism where our ruling class owns everything.

Lockdowns are killing our middle class as our ruling class gets richer than ever.

They are also destroying the ability of people to organize together to resist this radical agenda.

All the faith Americans and Europeans place in their leaders to protect them from what they believed to be a dangerous virus and a global pandemic is now being ruthlessly exploited to institute global communism.

It is an astonishing betrayal.

As I reported last week, Biden’s team called for a vicious second nationwide lockdown while simultaneously announcing that they want to open our nation’s borders and bring in hordes of refugees straight from the third. world.

These policies are completely inconsistent unless you see them for what they are: sheer power grab.

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