California theme park visitors told to stay silent on roller coaster to stop COVID-19 – Dateway

Theme parks in California are expected to reopen next month, but visitors are warned that they are not allowed to sing, shout, scream, or breathe heavily during the rides.

Yes really.

The California Attractions and Parks (CAPA) advises in new guidelines in its ‘Responsible Reopening Plan’ that theme park visitors should avoid activities that increase the spread of COVID-19, such as , screaming, breathing heavily and raise her child. voice, ”People reports.

Visitors will also be required to wear masks during rides to “mitigate the effects of screaming,” according to guidelines.

The rules appeared to be inspired by Japanese theme parks, which also introduced a no-howl rule when they reopened last .

As of April 1, California theme parks are allowed to reopen at just 15% of capacity. When Disneyland opens on April 30, only residents of California will be allowed entry.

As we pointed out earlier, the CDC itself has issued a list of guidelines telling Americans not to sing and limit alcohol consumption at Thanksgiving gatherings.

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They followed that up soon after by also telling Americans to limit the spread of the by not cheering during the Super Bowl.

The “new normal” sounds like a barrel of laughter, doesn’t it?



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