Call Your Mother creator Kari Lizer reveals how Covid influenced sitcom Empty Nests – Dateway

Call your mother Creator Kari Lizer shared that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected her new ABC sitcom starring Kyra Sedgwick in several ways.

Written and produced by the Old Christine’s new adventures Creator, the new ABC comedy is set in a world that survived the deadly Covid-19 pandemic that is in reality raging in parts of the country. The sitcom’s characters are walking free with no masks or the need for social distance in this post-Covid world – an environment that arose out of a desire for something normal, Lizer said.

“Covid is part of the world, we just had the decision to start the series after we were all quarantined and in masks because we honestly had enough of it,” Lizer said during the panel.

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Revolve around Sedgwick’s only, empty nest traveling the country to re-insert into her children’s lives; Call your mother does not pretend that the dark months of illness and infection do not exist. Instead, the series uses quarantine and feelings of isolation to heighten Jean Raines (Sedgwick )’s desperation to reunite with her children.

“We talk about what quarantine was like for Jean, in fact it increased her experience of being separated from her children and it impacted the extent to which she felt separated from her children,” added Lizer.

During the panel, Lizer, Sedgwick, and other cast colleagues including Joey Bragg and Rachel Sennott explained this Call your mother It’s not just about re-establishing the faded connection with loved ones. The series also makes a case for building new relationships at a time when zoom calls and socially distant dates and partying have become the new normal.

“We are at a time when we feel separate. I think just the state of the world, the state of the pandemic made us all feel really isolated, ”Lizer added. “I think this is a show about people who feel like they have lost their connection, a show about people who are trying to find each other again.”

Call your mother Patrick Brammall, Emma Caymares and Austin Crute also star. The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television & ABC Signature together with 20th Television and Touchstone Television.

Call your mother Debuts on ABC January 13th at 9:30 p.m. PST.

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