Can the Dems stick together long enough to beat McConnell?

Joe Biden calls on Americans to lower the heat. Some of its most ardent supporters are busy igniting each other.

Biden and Kamala Harris had not even been declared the election winners when members of their distant coalition began to attack each other: Blue Dog vs. Democratic Socialist, the Squad vs. Abigail Spanberger and other Dems. of the purple district.

“You would think they would want to enjoy their victory for about 30 seconds. You would think that after knocking down a sitting president they would want a five onceDaily Beast Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman tells Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson in a special edition of The new abnormal.

Especially because there are two big polls in Georgia in January – races that will determine whether Mitch McConnell is leading the Senate or not.

Rick, for his part, smells of blood: “There might be Republicans who now think of McConnell as the Alamo, but no one has ever liked waking up on a rainy January morning thinking, ‘God, I have to defend Mitch. Honor McConnell! He’s a last knight standing on the hill! ”

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