Canadian police beat and arrest man for breaking curfew and cursing officers – Dateway

Images from Scarborough, Ont., Show police arresting a man for exceeding COVID curfew and saying to a cop, “Fuck you. “

Posted in New rebelsOn Monday night, on the Twitter page, the video captures an officer admitting he detained the man because he insulted him.

The cameraman noted that telling a cop about “f ** k” himself is not illegal.

“Then he hit me in the face,” said the arrested man.

“You can’t hit someone in the face for that,” the individual told the officer.

“You’re not supposed to go out right now either, are you?” the policeman asked, not denying that he had hit the man. “Why are you away now, eh mate?”

Towards the end of the video, the police began to harass another person in the parking lot, asking for their identity.

“He said I would be arrested if I didn’t give him my f ** king ID,” the viewer said. “I didn’t even do anything. You pushed the guy into my car.

Canada continues to break down into a left-led police state, which has become more powerful than ever thanks to COVID-19.

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