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Arizona’s Democratic Senate candidate intends to implement far-left gun control measures when elected, but must hide the plan from voters, a staff member admitted on video infiltration.

In another Project Veritas infiltration attack, a member of the campaign staff for Senate candidate Mark Kelly expressed frustration that his boss did not want to campaign on his anti-Second Amendment platform.

“Even the staff members are a little confused, as we want him to come to grips with it,” said Angelica Carpio, an employee of Mission for Arizona, an affiliate of the Arizona Democratic Party.

“He [Kelly] wants to get those Republicans who no longer trust Trump, and one of their main problems is guns, ”she said.

“So I don’t think he was completely, like, over there saying, ‘I want a gun control type measure and I think that’s because he just wants to be elected first. and then he wants to go further. “

“You can’t always trust politicians, I mean like everyone would say, like all politicians, not all – I’m airing my campaign right now,” Carpio said.

But Carpio said Kelly’s deception was necessary to win the election in a pro-Second Amendment state.

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“The problem is, it’s such a big state,” Carpio said. “I think he is trying to get elected and then he will implement the [gun control] measures.”

Kelly, is a retired Navy captain, former astronaut and husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) Who was shot in the head during an assassination attempt in 2011.

Harrison provides an update on the McCloskeys, who have been illegally accused of using their 2nd Amendment.

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