Cannibals lured victim to Oklahoma Woods cabin for castration, sheriff says

Two Oklahoma men are charged with illegal castration after allegedly luring a 28-year-old man to a secluded booth through an online ad for discount sex reassignment surgery.

Bob Lee Allen, 53, and Thomas Evans Gates, 42, were formally charged on Wednesday after what appeared to be the man’s testicles were found in a freezer in the cabin bedroom. They had been in custody since Oct. 15 after trying to visit their alleged victim at a local hospital, according to Le Flore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry.

They face charges of conspiracy to commit unauthorized surgery, perform unauthorized surgery, maim, as well as assault and bodily harm with a dangerous weapon, according to Oklahoman newspaper. They face additional felony counts for non-burial of harvested body parts and drug-related charges. The bond was set for each at $ 295,000.

Speaking to reporters, Sheriff Derryberry said the gruesome find was not common in the area. “I can’t say it’s a cult activity. It’s something we’ve never encountered in my career in this part of the country, ”he said. “It’s bordering on a certain type of activity … We know there are a lot of rumors but at the moment there is no danger to the public.”

The sheriff said the victim, who has not been named, flew from Virginia to Dallas, then went to the cabin in Southeast Oklahoma after coming into contact with Allen via a website offering discount castrations and sex reassignment surgery that describes itself as “the EunuchMaker and the EM crew.” “

Allen reportedly told the victim that he had about 15 years of castration and related experience with genital surgery and warned him that he was recording the surgery for “personal use”. According to the affidavit reported by OklahomanAllen told him that the operation “wouldn’t cost him anything.”

The victim, who was awake but asleep in her pubic area during the two-hour procedure, according to the affidavit, told investigators Allen performed the surgery on a covered dining table and Gates handed over to her surgical equipment.

After the operation, Allen informed the young man that he intended to “consume the coins and laughed he was a cannibal,” according to the affidavit. The victim then said Allen told her stories of past patients, including a man he “described as crazy”, saying he “left the man open to die overnight.”

Allen also said he had six other clients scheduled for the same procedure and that he “had a freezer with body parts and showed him pictures on his phone.”

After the victim started bleeding, Allen drove him to hospital according to Oklahoman, telling him, “No morgue.” No ER ”and asked him to tell the doctors that he had“ made himself ”.

Local officials were alerted by the hospital, then found Allen and Gates and the freezer with the testicles.

The incident is similar to a 2019 incident in Flint, Michigan, which is also in the news. On Wednesday, Mark Latunski, 51, was ruled fit to stand trial for allegedly murdering, mutilating and eating the testicles from his 25-year-old Grindr date last December.

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