Capitol Protester removed from plane after apparently being placed on no-fly list

After a campaign of media pressure to put Capitol Hill protesters on no-fly lists, it looks like this is actually happening.

Of course, we haven’t seen any of these moves against the Black Lives Matter rioters who destroyed thousands of businesses and caused dozens of deaths last year.

In a shocking video taken at the airport, a man is hysterical after being pulled from his flight. He says they accused him of being a “terrorist”.

“They kicked me off that plane, they called me a fucking terrorist,” the emotional man said. “They want to ruin my life.”

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Another video appeared to show a woman in tears and several others prevented from flying for their support of our president.

The media and Democratic members of Congress lobbied for this.

Forbes published an article on Sunday entitled “Here’s How To Stop Capitol Hill Rioters From Returning To Washington, Flight Attendants Say.”

“To begin with, airlines should conduct a manifest review of flights to and from DC before and after the January 6 riot. “Although airlines cannot coordinate on competition issues, they can certainly coordinate on safety issues,” the Forbes report said. “Airlines should share the names of passengers, especially those who have been flagged for unruly behavior or worse. “An airline might say ‘we banned this person because of XYZ’ and that could actually become an individual ban for each airline.” “

The magazine also suggested that “airlines could also coordinate a temporary intersectoral no-fly list targeted for a specific period or for specific airports.”

Democratic politicians have also called for protesters to be banned from flying.

“In view of the horrific national terrorist attack on the United States Capitol yesterday, I urge the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use their authorities to add the names of all identified persons involved in the attack to the federal no-fly list and Keep Them Off Planes, ”Representative Bennie G. Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi and chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said in a statement. “This should include everyone identified as having entered the Capitol building – an intrusion that threatened the safety of members of Congress and staff and served as an attack on our nation.”

Rest in peace, first amendment. You were fun while you lasted.

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