Capitol riot police throw themselves under the bus for a botched response on January 6

Senior law enforcement officials tasked with keeping the U.S. Capitol safe on January 6 claimed that a series of unanswered calls, withholding of information and conflicting orders led to the systematic blackout that allowed thousands of MAGA rioters to enter the government building.

Testifying before two Senate committees on Tuesday, former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund criticized the Pentagon for taking hours to send reinforcements on January 6, even as other officials of the US forces Order pleaded for help as rioters entered the building and forced elected leaders into hiding. .

As Sund insisted he asked for the National Guard just after 1 p.m., Paul Irving, the House’s former Sergeant-at-Arms, said he did not recall the conversation and did not receive of official request that “shortly before 1:30 pm.” Troops, however, were not approved to assist overwhelmed officers on Capitol Hill until 2:10 pm.

DC Metropolitan Police Department Acting Chief Robert Contee also spoke in shock when he learned that the National Guard did not want to send troops to the Capitol during the insurgency – because it “ did not like the look of the boots on the ground ”in government. building.

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