Cat bag for easy baths

If you’ve ever tried bathing a cat, you know how exhausting it can be. Typically water aversive pets are no stranger to creating an escape plan once they’ve achieved what you’re trying to do.

Although cats are known to clean themselves, baths are not entirely inevitable. My two cats, Tuna and Salmon, have long hair which sometimes requires a good washing and a good grooming. Before the pandemic, I would take them to a groomer, but these days I’m on my own. Typically this leads to howling, hissing and cats running around my house while still soaking wet. That was all before trying the HATIKY Cat swim bag.

I first heard about it from a friend who had seen one being used on TikTok. The bag is easy to use. It opens at the bottom, you slide the cat in the same way you would put on a hoodie (which is easier than it looks), put its head through the turtleneck opening at the top and adjust the size as needed with the drawstrings. It even has a handle on the top, allowing you to easily carry the cat in a bag, and a zipper opening at the bottom so you can access their paws for the ever dreaded claw trimming.

Considering their size, I figured the bag might be a tight snap for my cats, but thought it was worth it. The first time I put them in the bags, I just let them sit and adjust. After the initial confusion over why I was zipping them up in a strange piece of fabric, I was honestly surprised to find that they settled down quite comfortably. When I went to give the baths I was greeted with the same sad look and panicked meows, but no restless limbs or attempts to escape. I applied the shampoo to the outside of the bag and scrubbed like I normally would, letting the lather work its way through the holes in the mesh and onto their coats. I used the zipper at the bottom to clean their tufts of toes, rinsed off the shampoo, made a quick pass to dry them, pulled them out of the bags and they rushed in for revenge. If the tuna and salmon hadn’t been terrified of hairdryers, I would have kept them in the bags and blowout them to end the spa day they didn’t want.

Hopefully their self-grooming will be enough to avoid another bath for at least a few months, but once that dreaded day returns, this little mesh bag will help make a once grueling process a breeze.

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