CBS News calls on Neeraj Khemlani and Wendy McMahon as co-chairs after Zirinsky exit

CBS brought in two seasoned media executives to oversee a sweeping company reorganization that aims to merge its flagship broadcast news division and the 29 local TV stations belonging to the ViacomCBS network.

In a release Thursday afternoon, CBS announced that Hearst Executive Vice President Neeraj Khemlani and ABC Television President Wendy McMahon would serve as the new news division co-chairs, merging CBS News and CBS Television under one corporate roof.

The move will make Khemlani, a former associate producer on 60 Minutes and before that on 60 Minutes II, the Asian American to the network’s news division, albeit with Murphy as an equal partner, replacing the current one. network leader Susan Zirinsky as a result of this decision. a tumultuous tenure that lasted only two years.

“They will have to build a personal relationship and they will have to trust each other,” former CBS News chairman Andrew Heyward told The Daily Beast of the network’s unusual news co-chair.

The network hopes that Khemlani, who oversaw Hearst’s partnerships with ESPN and A&E, will be able to grow his TV audience while bringing a digital news experience to the network’s online and streaming platforms. McMahon, who previously worked at CBS and was also known for digital innovation on the Disney-owned network, resigned this week as president of ABC Owned Stations, where she oversaw the eight local broadcast stations of the Disney empire as well as its streaming platforms. Previously, she worked at KABC Los Angeles and at CBS-owned WBZ Boston and WCCO Minneapolis stations.

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