CCTV video of Nashville explosion captures spooky audio warning before devastating explosion – Dateway

Video footage has emerged showing the exact moment a motorhome exploded in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The explosion was apparently preceded by a pre-recorded warning, urging passers-by to evacuate.

The explosion occurred around 6:30 a.m. local time near Second Avenue, according to city police, who responded to a call for ‘gunfire’ in the area and saw a campsite -because she considered suspicious. When a bomb squad arrived at the scene, the vehicle exploded, in what police described as a “Intentional act”.

Witnesses told local media that an audio message was played from a speaker in the camper van before the explosion. A woman’s voice would have counted to zero, while warning anyone within earshot “Evacuate now.”

Video footage has since emerged in which the chilling warning can clearly be heard. The footage also captured the exact moment of the VR blast and the devastation the blast left behind.

Police told local media that they were investigating reports of the recording.

The fact that police were nearby at the time of the explosion and had responded to a call about gunfire in the area is another confounding factor. Federal officers and agents are currently investigating the incident and President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation.

Fortunately, the explosion only injured three people, according to the latest reports. The three were taken to hospital, but none of their injuries were reported as critical.

The buildings along Second Avenue were badly damaged, however, and fire crews remain at the scene, clearing the street of debris and debris.

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