CEO Xu Yao detained as office politics investigated as reason for death of Game of Thrones billionaire Lin Qi

Shanghai investigators have arrested a suspect linked to the fatal poisoning of 39-year-old billionaire tycoon Lin Qi, who died on Christmas Day. The alleged perpetrator is a 39-year-old employee of Lin’s company who has been identified by media as Xu Yao. He is believed to have poisoned his with a contaminated cup of pu’er (or fermented tea) on December 17, when he fell ill and never regained consciousness.

Lin’s net worth was estimated to be around $ 1.3 billion.

Lin is the founder of Yoozoo Games, which developed the famous Chinese video game based on the The iron Throne company called Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming.

Before he died, Lin was working on a Netflix with The iron Throne creators David Benioff and DB Weiss based on the popular Chinese sci-fi trilogy Remembering the Pas de la Terret by Liu Cixin. The title has been listed as a favorite book of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg.

Lin’s company had bought the rights to the trilogy book The three-part body problem, which he tried to develop and produce, but the was eventually abandoned due to internal conflicts, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lin was listed as the executive producer of the Alexander Woo Write . Xu is described as a senior executive in Yoozoo’s film and television division.

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