Chaos candidate Donald Trump gets the chaotic election night he needed

This is again déjà vu. Once again, the clock strikes 12 at the end of what was once called “election night” with no winner – and no clear end in sight.

In recent weeks, pundits have sometimes contained their liberal glee long enough to remind us that it could happen, that we could have a Night of Chaos tailor-made for Donald Trump, the ultimate chaos candidate. After all, counting all the votes doesn’t always correspond to a program made for television. And COVID-19, which has dramatically increased the number of mail-in votes to be processed and counted, has only increased the odds that most Americans will not know the results until bed Tuesday night.

We have become used to elections being decided fairly quickly, but this is a modern expectation and priority should be given to precision, not speed. Still, the question arises, not so hypothetically: what if it lasts longer than a day?

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