‘Chappelle’s Show’ episode quietly deleted from Netflix and HBO Max

An episode of the hit Comedy Central series Chappelle show was removed from streaming services and banned from showing on HBO Max and Netflix, The Daily Beast learned exclusively.

The episode was first noted missing when Chappelle show launched on HBO Max Sunday morning as part of a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Comedy Central. WarnerMedia announced the deal in an Oct. 30 press release, stating that “all seasons” of Chappelle show, as good as Inside Amy Schumer, Nathan for You, Reno 911 !, and Key and Peele, would be available to stream on November 1. However, on launch day, the sixth episode of Season 2, “The Internet and Moment in the Life of Lil Jon,” was missing from the lineup. No explanation was provided in the press release.

Netflix also announced on October 30 that Chappelle show would be available to air on November 1, but did not specify which episodes were included in the deal. Two days later, all episodes of the series (including the famous “lost episodes” of season 3) arrived on the platform, with the exception of “Internet and moment in the life of Lil Jon”.

First aired in February 2004, the episode features several iconic sketches, including the first episode of “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” and “A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon,” in which Chappelle’s Lil Jon s’ check in at the airport. But according to a source close to ViacomCBS, the sketch at the root of the episode’s deletion was neither one nor the other, but known as “If the Internet Were a Real Place.”

In the sketch, Chappelle (as himself) visits a physical manifestation of the internet, where he is led through an increasingly sinister and perverted world by pornstar Ron Jeremy. Jeremy repeatedly asks Chappelle if he “(s) want to see me have sex,” then invites him to watch the leaked Paris Hilton sex tape. The Band’s Dialogue – the public broadcast which Hilton described as “raped” – is performed twice for the two men. (Chappelle and comrade Chappelle show Executive producers Neal Brennan and Michele Armor did not respond to requests for comment.)

According to the source, the episode was first taken out of streaming on Comedy Central platforms, as well as CBS All Access – which also falls under the ViacomCBS banner – in June when Jeremy was charged with sexually assaulting four women. Since then, the artist has been charged with a total of “11 counts of rape, six counts of forced oral copulation, eight counts of sexual restraint, five counts of forced penetration by an object. stranger and one count each of sodomy, assault with intent to commit rape, assault with intent to commit digitally coerced penetration, penetration by a foreign object on an unconscious victim and obscene behavior with a girl age 15, ”according to the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office.

When ViacomCBS assigned the non-exclusive broadcasting rights for Chappelle show at Netflix and HBO Max later in the year, the episode was left out of licensing agreements altogether due to standards and practices. Netflix and HBO Max declined to comment officially; however, a source close to ViacomCBS, a source close to WarnerMedia and a source familiar with the situation all independently confirmed that both streamers had been informed in advance by ViacomCBS that this specific episode would not be made available as part of the video. of their non-exclusive offers. .

This isn’t the first example of ViacomCBS picking up problematic episodes from its partnerships with streaming services.

This isn’t the first example of ViacomCBS picking up problematic episodes from its partnerships with streaming services. As reported earlier this year, five episodes of South Park featuring depictions of the Prophet Muhammad were also excluded from what would be a $ 500 million broadcast rights deal with HBO Max. Despite this, HBO Max’s October 30 press release announcing the Chappelle show The agreement also states that “these series join the entire ‘South Park’ library” on the platform. (HBO Max has refused to address this discrepancy. According to a source close to WarnerMedia, neither the Chappelle show neither the episode South Park episodes are considered to be missing from their respective libraries because they were never authorized to the streaming service initially.)

Chappelle show Nor is it the only series to have pulled an episode from airing following allegations of sexually predatory behavior this year. In June, several streamers took an episode of Comedy Central Workaholics after guest star Chris D’Elia was accused of treating and harassing several women. Perhaps the most famous, Cosby lounge has also been widely removed from syndication and streaming services in response to dozens of sexual assault and rape allegations against its star.

Ironically, the news that “The Internet and Lil Jon’s Moment in Life” has been taken out of streaming comes at the end of an unusually visible year for the once reclusive Chappelle.

In addition to guaranteeing non-exclusive broadcasting rights on Chappelle show, Netflix released two new specials in 2020: one commemorating its prestigious Mark Twain Award ceremony; the second, a fiery monologue on race, class and police brutality. He won two Emmy Awards for his 2019 Netflix Special, Dave Chappelle: Sticks and stones, while his stand-up series “Intimate Social Distanced Affair” made weekly headlines over the summer. And to cap the year, he was selected to host the November 7 episode of Saturday Night Live, the first to be broadcast after the 2020 election.

Even so, sources say there are no current plans to edit Ron Jeremy or the series sketch, nor to make the episode available to stream in the future. Those curious to see “The Internet and Moment in the Life of Lil Jon” in its entirety will need to purchase it from Amazon or YouTube in the future.

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