Charles Hatfield made it rain in San Diego. The problem was, he couldn’t stop it.

SSince the beginning of time, humans have sought to stage our environment. The drama of the story may have unfolded act after act, but the trickster of the story has remained the same: time.

Over the centuries, our methods of trying to control the skies have become more and more sophisticated, although often no less extravagant. We tried to dance the rain down, blow up the precipitation from the sky, give the atmosphere a wake-up electric shock, and scatter the clouds with chemicals to bend them to our will.

The pseudo-science of what was later called pluviculture, or man’s attempt to artificially cause rain, began to develop more rapidly at the start of the 20th century. The men behind these projects have walked a tightrope between science and the art of the scam, many experimenting to improve their methods while charging farmers and other desperate customers large sums of money. money for services which at best provided questionable results.

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