Check Out These Native American Etsy Stores

Happy National Native American Heritage Month! Native American culture and history are radically and unfairly excluded from truth and celebratory praise. People spend years in classrooms hearing the honest Native American narrative rejected from textbooks and teachers. It is important this month, and every month, to highlight the importance, truths and divine beauty of Native American heritage. One way to do this is to recognize and support Indigenous artists. Take a look at these Native American owned Etsy shops.

Kaycee’s Handmade is owned by Kaycee Valdez, a Texas-based mother and a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Her boutique consists of an assortment of beautifully crafted headbands, hairbows, pins, maternity belts and beads. It is the perfect store for expectant mothers and children. The presence of Indigenous culture can be found distinctly in her intricate beadwork, most notably in the form of earrings and key chains in Valdez’s boutique. Custom orders can be made via instagram at @kaycees_handmade.

Sage and Sunflower is a Las Vegas-based boutique owned by Shilo. Shilo is a mother of two boys and identifies as a Paiute Native American. Shilo’s store has a wide range of stylish earrings and even a beaded PopSocket. Bracelets with stamped quotes such as “What Would Dolly Do” and “Always Be Humble and Kind” are also available to order.

Steph Littlebird is a two-spirit Indigenous artist based in Portland, Oregon. Littlebird is also an activist, curator, and writer. In Littlebird’s store you can find prints, and even an Oregon state keychain that reads “LAND BACK” in bold and “Munk-k’ilapay nsayka ili? ” Between. The prints feature eclectic and vividly colored illustrations of animals, Indigenous individuals and more.

Ramon Shiloh is an award-winning Oregon-based chef, public speaker, and author and illustrator. In Shiloh’s online store, shoppers can find t-shirts and posters featuring Shiloh’s vivid illustrations as well as his book “The Otter, the Spotted Frog, and the Great Flood: A Creek Indian Story” and “Star Story. Sessions ”by Gerald Hausman, who Shiloh illustrated.


Caitlin Newago is from the Ojibwe tribe and owns Bizaanide’ewin. Newago’s boutique is rooted in activism and expertly crafted designs, with shirts and mugs that have sayings such as “Eat the Rich”, “Reproductive rights are human rights” and more. Buyers can also find stunning floral prints and stickers here.

Mosnukhe Nomp is an indigenous craft and jewelry store owned by Crissy Cavay, who is part of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation. Beaded earrings and Aboriginal pride-inspired shirts are just some of the items you’ll find in Cavay’s boutique. Buttons, key chains and more are also available for purchase. You can also find masks with a Native American print, perfect for staying safe during these unprecedented times.


Lauren Badoni is the owner of this contemporary Native American bead store based in Blue Gap, Arizona. Badoni’s specialty in beadwork can be seen in the way the earrings and phone handles are crafted. The boutique’s earrings are adorned with colorful tassels and feathers.

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