Chelsea Clinton calls for Facebook ban on Tucker Carlson – Carlson responds – Dateway

After Tucker Carlson asked why are still forced to live under restrictions after COVID vaccines roll out, new calls from the for the host to be censored and banned have increased. One of those voices was Chelsea Clinton. Carlson responded Thursday by tripling his questions.

Clinton pleaded with Facebook to ban Carlson after the video of his comments went viral, suggesting it is “particularly disturbing given that Republican men are currently more likely to say they’re not interested in getting the shot. .

Clinton also accused Carlson of “ racist hatred ”:

Carlson responded Thursday night, noting that “Chelsea Clinton, internationally renowned humanitarian and intellectual, had had enough of this show, so she called on Facebook today to shut us down.”

“Dr. Chelsea Clinton is crazy that we asked super obvious questions that everyone in the country should be asking, ”added Carlson.


“The same goes for the vaccine, and there are a few, but do they work or don’t they work? It’s okay, you can tell us, ”Carlson asked again.

The host also noted that the CEO of Pfizer announced on Thursday that may need a booster every year.

Carlson noted, “The CEO of Pfizer came out and appeared to suggest today that in fact the dose that Pfizer administered is not working. The CEO of Pfizer has now said that two doses are probably not enough. He said it’s “likely that people will need a third dose” of his company’s coronavirus vaccine within 12 months of being fully immunized. I guess it’s good to know that now.

He continued, “We didn’t know that yesterday. When Chelsea Clinton was trying to pull us out of the air for asking questions that he partially answered. Thanks, CEO of Pfizer, glad to know. The CEO of Pfizer added that people may need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus every year. Well that’s good to know too.

Clinton also called on President to release proof that he has been vaccinated.

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