Cherie DeVille’s 12 Steps to Becoming the Next Big Pornstar

Eby New Year’s Day, many Americans decide to earn more money. With the economy plummeting and OnlyFans soaring, you could get into porn to meet your 2021 goals. You can shoot porn for a mainstream studio like Vivid, or you can shoot a DIY sex tape in your own room. studio, then upload the movie to OnlyFans. Either way, you’d probably expect to earn six figures (and hey, you might!), But you’ll be missing a roadmap for landmines that you’ll need to avoid. Like Nevada during the Gold Rush, Pornland is a convenient but dangerous place. The riches (or perils) await you.

My career could easily have been forgotten. Instead, I’m still here. I have endured, and thrived, through the transitions between Americans buying $ 50 DVDs from major porn studios to streaming free porn on tube sites to subscription to their neighbor and to $ 10 OnlyFans of any other random knowledge.

Although pornography is constantly evolving, many basic business principles remain. I saw it all, and I learned it all. Especially the hard way. I want newbies who join the industry to learn the rules of the game before they shoot their first music video. You can think of me as your favorite (dirty) teacher. Class, here’s what you need to know before shooting porn to reach your 2021 goals.

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