Chick-fil-A looted despite CEO’s shiny boots for BLM – Dateway

People note irony of rioters looting a Chick-fil-A in Philadelphia just months after company CEO Dan Cathy shines a black rapper’s shoes in a publicity stunt pro-Black Lives Matter.

BLM supporters and other criminal opportunists reacted to police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who was killed after advancing towards officers with a knife, staging violent unrest, attacking police and looting stores.

After targeting a local Walmart and Footlocker, the looters turned to Chick-fil-A, slamming and damaging a branch of the food chain.

According to journalist Julio Rosas, who has covered numerous BLM riots, he “hasn’t seen anything like it on this scale since Minneapolis in May.”

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30 officers were injured on the first night of the riots, a female sergeant run over by a truck driven by BLM rioters.

The sight of criminals taking advantage of a Black Lives Matter protest to crush Chick-fil-A is delightfully ironic given the bizarre behavior of the company’s CEO in June.

During a discussion of “repentance and shame” at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Dan Cathy stood up to shine the shoes of a black rapper called Lecrae while apologizing profusely.

“I just invite people to put a few words into action here,” Cathy said as she shined Lecrae’s shoes. “And if we need to find someone who needs to have their shoes shined, we just have to go on and have their shoes shined.”

Many people responded by commenting on how awkward the scene looked and how all the more bizarre it was since a dozen Chick-fil-A stores had been vandalized during the George Floyd & Rayshard Brooks protests.



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