China: mass tests in Dalian amid coronavirus outbreak

Subscribe to our channel! The city of Dalian in northern China has launched a campaign of mass testing, as Sunday images show, after several residents were diagnosed with coronavirus during the week. Four asymptomatic people tested positive in routine testing on Tuesday, leading to the establishment of 500 testing booths with thousands of health workers tasked with managing them, according to local media. At the start of Saturday, more than 800,000 tests were said to have been carried out, including four other positive ones, including two with symptoms. Lockdown restrictions have also been reimposed in parts of the city. Since the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in the country in November 2019, China has managed to keep cases relatively low with tough measures. There have been only 132 new cases recorded in the past seven days and no deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. #China #Dalian # COVID19 Video ID: 20201220-033 Video on demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook :.
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