China to benefit from better post-COVID economy than any other major nation – Dateway

The OECD has revealed that China is set to experience a post-COVID economic recovery that will outshine all other major countries, most of which will experience debilitating declines in their GDP.

“A chart offering GDP projections for different nations and regions showed that China was the only country on the list to enjoy real GDP growth in 2020, with 1.8%, 8% in 2021 and 4, 9% in 2022 ”, reports Sputnik.

“By comparison, the United States, which suffered a 3.7% drop in 2020, is expected to achieve 3.2% and 3.5% real GDP growth respectively in 2021 and 2022.”

“The UK, compared to most of the countries shown in the Outlook chart, was hit hardest by an 11.2% GDP reduction in 2020, with only Argentina showing worse results – a drop of 12, 9%.

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As small businesses continue to go bankrupt and see their profits dwindle, Amazon and other large transnational corporations have joined China to emerge from the pandemic on a solid economic footing.

Amazon saw its profits during the COVID pandemic soar 100% while small businesses on average lost 30% in profits and 21% closed permanently.

The CEOs of these companies have also seen their personal wealth increase to tens of while small businesses have lost over $ 200 billion.

As we pointed out earlier, as the United States and Europe continue to subject their to crippling lockdowns, people in China, where the virus originates, are enjoying massive pool parties and nightclubs. at night when there is no social distancing or wearing a mask.

Some have suggested that the videos that emerged from China at the start of the pandemic that showed people convulsing and falling dead on the streets were part of a propaganda ploy to convince other countries that the was infinitely worse than ‘it never turned out to be.

This overreaction continues to this day, with talks in the UK of a third lockdown underway, despite hospitals not being overwhelmed and average annual death statistics no different from normal.



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