China Us Whitehouse statement Washington pledges to defend Japan by all means, “including nuclear.”

China Us :  Beijing accused Washington and Tokyo of undermining stability in the Asia-Pacific region after issuing a joint statement saying “regional challenges” would be resolved by all means, “including nuclear.”

The statement  by US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, the first foreign leader to visit Biden in the White House, was on Friday.

He criticized China, suggesting its actions “are incompatible with the rules-based international order” And impacts” Peace and prosperity” in the region.

The alliance between Washington and Tokyo, on the other hand, “has become a cornerstone of peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world, ”

The two countries ” are are more prepared than ever to meet regional challenges”,

The statement continues.

Beijing’s activities in the South China Sea were mentioned among the challenges, along with issues in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan.

Japan has decided to strengthen its own national defence capabilities…

The United States has reaffirmed its unwavering support for the defence of Japan…

using its full range of capabilities, including nuclear , »Read the statement.

Beijing condemned the document, saying it went beyond the framework of bilateral relations and interfered in China’s internal affairs.

He also approved of the separatist activities, a statement from the Chinese Embassy in the United States said on Saturday, as reported by news channel CGTN.

China, which for decades has viewed Taiwan as an integral part of its territory, has repeatedly called on the United States not to interfere in its domestic policies.

Tensions in the South China Sea have long been increasing, with a number of military exercises in the region, particularly around the island of Taiwan, which sees itself as an independent nation and is supported by Western states.

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